About Barb



As a child I received quilts for Christmas and Birthday presents from Memow, my grandmother in Iowa. After joining the Army when I was visiting her she taught me how to make a quilt during a blizzard. I bought a $99 Singer sewing machine and started quilting in my barracks room on the weekends.  I later purchased a Bernina and we traveled all over the world collecting fabrics and making quilts. After retirement I from the Army in 2017 I purchased a Handi Quilter Longarm Machine. I have been exploring the quilting industry and making a living with small quilting businesses.  It started with memory quilts for families, then longarm quilting finishing quilts for other quilters, craft fairs selling quilts or quilted products I made and exploring digital designs and printing fabrics.  2022 led stepping back from business and embarrass artistry and educating.  I still make memory quilts and longarm quilt for others on a part time basis when I can find the time. I'm a retailer for Handi Quilter machines and Wonderfil thread, I have products for sale it Mission House Gift Shop, online and I'm creating quilt panels being sold at Honest Fabrics. I'm exploring Pro-Stitcher and Designer software and playing with digital quilting designs.  I live and work on Oahu but my goal is to share quilting throughout Hawaii and helping others find their creative artistry through quilting.


A quilt is the best gift to give because it is special and one-of-a-kind, and a personalized gift that shows how much you care. That baby gift that is always cherished or a special New Years gift for a Aunty (99 years old) it always brings so much joy.  After receiving quilts as a kid I started giving quilts, my favorite part of gifting is when I see those quilts laying on the couch, draped over a chair, or used in the guest room while visiting friends and family.


I enjoyed exploring markets in all the countries I visited. Buying and finding a way to use the variety of fabrics and textiles from around the world (over 60 countries!), and I have learned to work with lots of different types of fabric. I have also discovered, through trial and error, that I do not like to follow a pattern or to line everything up in rows. After a structured military life for over 26 years, I enjoy having the freedom to create and work improvisationally, with no rules, rhyme or reason. I move fabric around and combine colors that appeal to me. When I'm not sewing or creating I'm out swimming, hiking or talking story with neighbors. 


I would love to receive a comment on what quilt you were looking for. Maybe a color or theme or particular size. I may find inspiration in your story.


Love what you do and make time to do what you love.



My passion is quilting and training. I was in the Army for 26 years as an trainer (NCO).  I started quilting as a business when I retired but it wasn't until I became the Handi Quilter Retailer that I realized my real passion is creating art, providing machines and training quilters. 

I put a little or maybe alot of aloha into each quilt.