Retreat and Workshops

Come meet Barb and explore quilting. Clubs offer a great round robin session to share projects, information and explore new ideas.  Classes are designed to help build skills. A class to make a beach towel and the class to make a banner are both about learning how you can embellish with quilting.  Clubs and classes are in Ewa Beach, over weekends, holidays, and during light traffic hours on weekdays, for a easy drive.  

2023 - The year the old art form of quilting is shared across Hawaii. Discover how fun and easy quilting became with longarm quilting.

Sign up for Club meetings early. Meetings on the third Saturday of each month. 

Classes are one on one coaching sessions. You can sign up with a group of friends (up to 4). 

Sign up for a class; you will be contacted to schedule a date and time. Classes are normally 10-2 (4 hours)

Classes has been catorgorized to help you find what you are looking for.