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Creating a Online Store

Creating a Online Store

Posted by Barb on Mar 24th 2022

Art Quilts Hawaii will be launching officially in May. 

I will be using April to do a soft launch with friends and family to make sure the order process, payment, shipping, email responses are all working properly. 

I have spent the last six month learning to change my way of thinking from websites to online stores. It seems similar and many sell products on websites but a store is actually very different. 

I went on a one year journey, just ask my friends that heard about my new plan every two months. I was exploring and seeking what I really wanted out of my business

Camokai Studio was created in 2017, after retiring from the military and was created to do long arm quilting (finishing the stitching) for other quilters. Then I discovered people liked my style of T-shirt/memory quilts and became very busy making them for High School Graduates going off to college. While taking digital media art classes at the community college I learned about design and found you can print your own fabric. While exploring all this I was playing and creating quilts, so I started selling at craft fairs. I needed to make money to pay for buying more fabric, thread and attend quilt retreats. Just as my business Camokai Studio was in the black and I was successful, so successful with customers I didn't have time to make quilts for me, my mom became sick. I had to put customers on hold and stop quilting. 

Back to my journey of what I want out of my business. To make a long, very long story short, I want a store to sell quilts that I make. I love my customers, I appreciate there understanding when things stopped. I continue to grandfather my quilt customers and do their long arm quilting but I no longer advertise and I have longer waiting periods. I have spent the last six month creating a store that has categories that fit the quilts I make. That provides descriptions and explanations about my quilting process to educate those unfamiliar with quilting. 

This store is the road to my future. I see myself as a artist, traveling around the islands, taking photos, looking at quilt books and becoming inspired. Taking my time creating a quilt with my fabric collection, not worrying about the size or what the customer wants but making it because I have a store to show it in, so it can find the person that wants it. Unlike a craft fair where you make 10 quilts quickly to try and sell in one day, with customers wanting it cheaper, bigger, wider, with blue on the edge instead of red. 

Art Quilts Hawaii was created because quilting is art. Every quilter is different just as painters are different. Quilts are not blankets or bedding because of the process of layers being stitched together, the quilting process. Hawaii because this is my home, my happy place and I see a little touch of the island colors, style, or mana. A Hawaiian term known as spiritual energy of power or strength.

With this store I hope to use the blog and social media and push my technical boundaries to share my love of quilting and apply the army sergeant that is still inside me and who loves to train and share knowledge.